Monday, January 24, 2011

So this is a blog..

The "blizzard" of 2011 is gone and thawed away allowing me to venture outside the house. Three days of cabin fever has fueled me with weeks of energy that has not ran out yet. I finally can appreciate work and school.Talking about school, this semester seems like it will be interesting, thanks to no more general education courses. It sure is refreshing to come to class and learn about something that is interesting.

The first class starting out this fabulous semester is news reporting and writing. I'm assuming a detailed description of the course need not be written. So far I have taken a couple AP quizzes now and  I have created a blog. We are making quick progress. I cannot wait to see what the rest of this semester will entail!

This is my first blog. Honestly the only blog I have ever followed is Perez Hilton which doesn't give me much to follow when making one of these. I'm not sure if I'm digging this but I guess it is something I will have to get used to working in journalism. So here is to optimism and getting the hang of this. So, whats the likelihood my blogging will be any good?