Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shutter House Productions Take One Large Step

Georgia’s expanding film business has raised the interest of movie production in two young men from Kennesaw.

Kennesaw State University student Redmond Farley and Georgia Highlands College student Garrett Eaton recently opened up Shutter House Productions in the interest of making wedding videos and short films.

The idea came up when Farley, a mass media major, and Eaton, a English major were inspired to use their creative abilities instead of wasting time flipping pizzas in the restaurant industry.

“I wanted to do something in video and in film for the longest time, I felt like it was the best way to show my creativity,” Farley says.

After two years of planning and investing in the company, these college students are filming the most important day in some couples lives. Filming with a Canon 70 DSLR they are able to capture every precious moment.

A Cinematic Experience

Farley and Eaton believe the difference between other wedding videographers and Shutter House Productions is that they make a traditional wedding video with a cinematic experience for the viewers.

“We were never pleased with the way regular video looked, we want it to be much
more cinematic,” Farley says.

Different Media Events

Along with weddings the production company plans on different media projects.

The company has done short films and is currently working on a creative project about African American literature.

“We also want to do skits, more short films, and different events,” Eaton says.

It is just beginning for this production company, which opened doors three months ago. Eaton and Farley plan on filming more events in the next few months and are in the process of creating a web site for company that should be up in the next month.

Both men are passionate about film. With projects ranging from all types of media, weddings are just a taste of what is to come from Shutter House Productions.

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