Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unplanned Event Surprises Production

Being a professional does not mean things will turn out perfect, that is just what Farley and Eaton have learned while filming weddings. Things do not always go as planned.

Preproduction is key to these young men. That includes getting to know the couple and the venue they will be shooting.

“You have a little bit of notice for all those moments, so you can position yourself to get the footage that you need,” Farley says.

Even with all the necessary planning things can go wrong.

“A lot of people do not want to be in video, then they start to run away,” Farley says.

According to Farley, there is no avoiding people being camera shy and that is when creativity comes in finding a new shot while being inconspicuous.

“You don’t want to get to close to people, [Farley] learned that,” says Eaton.

Both men agree invading a couple’s space on the most meaningful day of their lives is a mistake and can make some people angry.

While filming live footage there are no scripts to follow. Farley and Eaton have learned to expect the unexpected with weddings then turn those moments into precious memories in a cinematic piece for everyone to enjoy.

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